Imagine (2015) by Suha Shoman - 3

Activated by artist Reem Marji at the Ghorfa.

IMAGINE, (2015)

Imagine you live in a city under blockade

Imagine you have no electricity

Imagine you have to queue for water or food

Occupy a 4 x 4 metre space or camp in a tent 10 hours a day for 50 days Timeshare with friends

Drink only water or tea Cook and eat lentils

Read Mahmoud Darwish's poem Write Down, I am an Arab
Read Frantz Fanon's book The Wretched of the Earth
Play Fairuz's song One Day We Shall Return

Write in your journal, draw, paint, take photos or film

Record conversations, sounds, silence

Measure time: hours, days, months, years with no hope

Imagine you are a Palestinian in Gaza.

© Photo: Courtesy of Darat al Funun
The Khalid Shoman Foundation

do it بالعربي - Darat al Funun

Workshops, activations, performances & activities based on instructions by 70 artists. Darat al Funun, Amman, until Mid-January 2017.

Interview with Suha Shoman, Founder and Chair of the Khalid Shoman Foundation and of Darat al Funun.
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