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1st Montevideo Biennial - List of Artists

Lida Abdul
* 1973 Kabul, Afghanistan. Lives between Kabul and Los Angeles, USA.

Javier Abreu
* 1980 Maldonado, Uruguay. Lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Gabriela Albergaria
* 1965 Vale de Cambra, Portugal. Lives in New York, USA.

Darren Almond
* 1971 Appley Bridge, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Lives in London, United Kingdom.

Alonso + Craciun
* 1972 / * 1980 Montevideo, Uruguay; they live there.

Niles Atallah, Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cociña
* 1978 California, USA. * 1980, Santiago, Chile. * 1980 Concepción, Chile. They live in Santiago, Chile.

Bertille Bak
* 1983 Arras, France. Lives in Paris, France.

Eduardo Basualdo
* 1977 Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives there.

Olmo Blanco
* 1982 Santiago de Compostela, Spain; lives there.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot
* 1961 Nice, France. Lives in Sète, France.

Juan Burgos
* 1963 Durazno, Uruguay. Lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Yamandú Canosa
* 1954 Montevideo, Uruguay. Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Rolando Castellón
* 1937 Managua, Nicaragua. Lives in San José, Costa Rica.

Chen Chieh-Jen
* 1960 Taoyuan, Taiwan. Lives in Shanghai, China.

Tamara Cubas
* 1972 Rivera, Uruguay. Lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Alberto Maria De Agostini
* 1883 Pollone, Italy. + 1960 Turin, Italy.

Marina de Caro
* 1961 Mar del Plata, Argentina. Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dias & Riedweg
* 1964 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. * 1955 Lucerne, Switzerland. They live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mark Dion
* 1961 New Bedford, MA, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

El Anatsui
* 1944 Anyako, Ghana. Lives in Nsukka, Nigeria.

Sonia Falcone
* 1967 Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Lives in Hong Kong, China.

Gunda Förster
* 1967 Berlin, Germany; lives there.

Camille Henrot
* 1978, Paris, France. Lives in Paris, France.

Christian Jankowski
* 1968 Göttingen, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Kitty Kraus
* 1976 Heidelberg, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Ricardo Lanzarini
* 1963 Montevideo, Uruguay. Lives there and in New York, USA.

Alberto Lastreto
* 1951 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Reynier Leyva Novo
* 1983 Havana, Cuba; lives there.

Mireya Masó
* 1963 Barcelona, Spain; lives there.

Cecilia Mattos
* 1958 Montevideo, Uruguay; lives there.

Angélica Mesiti
* 1976 Sydney, Australia. Lives there, and in Paris, France.

Galina Myznikova & Sergey Provorov (Grupo PROVMYZA)
* 1968 / * 1979 Gorki, USSR. They live in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Paolo Nazareth
* 1977 Governador Valadares, Brazil. Lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Bernardo Oyarzún
* 1963 Los Muermos, Chile. Lives in Santiago, Chile.

Guilherme Peters
* 1987 São Paulo, Brazil; lives there.

Navin Rawanchaikul
* 1971 Chiang Mai, Thailand. Lives there, and in Fukuoka, Japan.

Julian Rosefeldt
* 1965 Munich, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Yorgos Sapountzis
* 1976 Athens, Greece. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Martín Sastre
* 1976 Montevideo, Uruguay. Lives in Madrid, Spain.

Jorge Satorre
* 1979 Mexico City, Mexico; lives there.

Christoph Schlingensief
* 1960 Oberhausen, Germany. + 2010 Berlin, Germany.

Guy Tillim
* 1962 Johannesburg, South Africa. Lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Traspuesto de un Estudio para un Retrato Común
Group, founded in 2006 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Dani Umpi
* 1974 Tacuarembó, Uruguay. Lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Pablo Uribe
* 1962 Montevideo, Uruguay; lives there.

Humberto Vélez
* 1965 Panama City, Panama. Lives in London, United Kingdom, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Vivek Vilasini
* 1964 Thrissur, India. Lives in Bangalore, India.

Luca Vitone
* 1964 Genoa, Italy. Lives in Rome, Italy, and Berlin, Germany.

Paulo Vivacqua
* 1971 Vitoria, Brazil. Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Yang Xinguang
* 1980 Hunan, China. Lives in Beijing, China.

David Zink Yi
* 1973 Lima, Peru. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

1st Montevideo Biennial
23 November 2012 - 30 March 2013

Theme: The Great South

Chief curator: Alfons Hug

Paz Guevara, Patricia Bentancur

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