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The Global Contemporary

Art Worlds After 1989. 17 Sept. 2011 - 5 Febr. 2012, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. Curators: Andrea Buddensieg, Peter Weibel.
Sep 2011

Globalization as a phase in the geo-political transformation of the world is at once a transformation of art – of the conditions of its production, and possibilities of its diffusion and dissemination and presence. At the same time, artists, and above all the institutions of art – large-scale exhibitions, museums, the art market – are faced with questions as to the extent to which the concept "global" can and must be thought – and how this reflects back on its own methods of working. By means of documentary materials and artistic approaches, the exhibition The Global Contemporary. Art Worlds after 1989 examines the way in which globalization, both with its pervasive mechanisms of the market and its utopias of networking and generosity, impacts upon the various spheres of artistic production and reception.

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17 September 2011 -
5 February 2012
ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art
Karlsruhe, Germany

Andrea Buddensieg,
Peter Weibel

More than 100 participants

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