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Works by thirty Colombian photographers to highlight their cultural and historical legacy.
28 October 2014 - 28 February 2015

Espacio ArtNexus & Estudios Las Nieves

Carrera 8 # 20-17
Las Nieves, Bogotá


Celia Sredni de Birbragher and Carlos Alberto González

The work of art is both an expression of a civilization and a manifestation of an individual’s proposal that reflects the vision and/or intent of its creator. It allows us to understand society and shows us different aspects of how its individuals are, live, feel, and see the world. Art is somehow a portrait of reality that fulfills different objectives: it represents, it recreates, it reveals, and it constitutes a testimony that not only documents but also raises awareness and calls to action.

This is particularly true with photography. Thanks to the technological developments that have taken place throughout the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries, photography has had a tremendous influence on the viewer and how he sees himself, how he perceives his surroundings, and how he interprets society. Every picture tells a story and it is that story what initially attracted and generated the interest of the curators of the exhibition, who selected works by thirty Colombian photographers to highlight their cultural and historical legacy.

The exhibition does not intend to be a historical or a theoretical study, although it does present iconic works by nationally and internationally renowned photographers and by contemporary artists of great aesthetic and evidential value. The objective is rather to give the viewer the opportunity to discover images he can identify with, in which he can see himself "portrayed," and from which he can create his own history..

© Text: Espacio ArtNexus. Curatorial introduction.

North of the center

Exhibitions in the northern area of the city center, from Las Nieves to the National Museum, during the Month of the Art 2014 in Bogotá.

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