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Núria Güell

Humanitarian Aid
Action, video installation
Video, sofa, small table, carpet, framed picture of us, two heart-shaped cushions and 21 love letters.
Cuba-Spain, 2008-13

The work focuses on issues related to immigration restrictions and the social consequences that these engender. For this project, Núria Güell offered herself as a bride to any Cuban who wanted to immigrate and obtain Spanish citizenship. The aspiring husbands were invited to write a love letter that was submitted to a jury composed by three prostitutes who eventually declared the winner. Once married and having the husband obtained the Spanish citizenship, the couple would divorce.

© Foto: Courtesy A.M. Qattan Foundation

Subcontracted Nations - Fototour

Fotos der Ausstellung zur Eröffnung des neuen Gebäudes der A.M. Qattan Foundation in Ramallah, 28. Juni - 29. September 2018. Kurator: Yazid Anani

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