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Paiz Kunstbiennale 2018

Paiz Kunstbiennale 2018

21. Paiz Kunstbiennale - Más Allá (Darüber hinaus)

16. August - 16. September 2018

Guatemala, Mexiko, Panama

Generalkurator: Gerardo Mosquera

Kuratorinnen: Maya Juracán, Esperanza De León, Laura Wellen

Veranstalter: Fundación Paiz para la Educación y la Cultura

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37 Künstler, Gruppen, Gemeinschaften

A Paiz Art Biennial that spreads "beyond"

With the general curatorship of Gerardo Mosquera and the curatorial team Maya Juracán, Esperanza De León and Laura Wellen, the 21st edition of the Paiz Art Biennial, one of the most emblematic events in the visual arts of Guatemala since 1978, will spread beyond the borders of the country, from its capital to various departments, beyond time and space, under an exceptional and transgressive concept, a "beyond" that does not mean a theme but rather a methodological axis that seeks to create a model of action, collective participation and diversification.

In the words of Gerardo Mosquera, the "beyond" axis proposes a biennial model that is more contextual and inclusive, communitary, rhizomatic, decentralized in space and time, and more communicative with the public: a constellation of different activities in response to the Guatemalan context and in keeping with the evolution of the Paiz Art Biennial as a living event.

Kuratoriales Konzept

In this new edition of the Paiz Art Biennial, which stands out as the sixth oldest biennial in the world and the second oldest in Latin America, more than 35 national and international artists and participants will be presented, ranging from the Chinese artist Xu Zhen to the Brazilian Cildo Miereles, including personal exhibitions by the Spanish war photographer Gervasio Sánchez and the Guatemalan abstract artist Diana de Solares; as well as workshops, lectures, performances and "artivist" actions by artists such as Tania Bruguera from Cuba; an exhibition of posters with photographs of people forcibly disappeared during the Guatemalan civil war that the organization H.I.J.O.S. displays in the streets; even a popular festival organized by Humberto Vélez from Panama with the community of Sumpango and their traditional giant kites as protagonists.


Although the main core of activities of the 21st Paiz Biennial will take place from 16 August to 16 September 2018, they will extend until October and began before its official opening, for example with the inauguration of the public murals “Héroes Anónimos” in San Pedro La Laguna, created by Tz'utujil artists belonging to the collective Canal Cultural, and the renovation of the Mayan altar in the community of Comalapa.

The Biennial will also include exhibitions of Guatemalans in spaces outside the country, in collaboration with the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (H.I.J.O.S.) and the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (Naufus Ramírez Figueroa), both in Mexico City, and the NG Gallery (Sandra Monterroso) in Panama.

Liste der Orte

Biblioteca Beluba Luba Furendei (Izabal)
Casa Celeste (Guatemala)
Casa de la Memoria (Guatemala)
Casa Municipal, Antigua Tipografía Sánchez & De Guise (Guatemala)
Casa Ibargüen (Guatemala)
Centro Cultural de España (Guatemala)
Centro Cultural Municipal (Guatemala)
Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española (Sacatepéquez)
Comunidad de San Juan Comalapa (Chimaltenango)
Comunidad de San Pedro La Laguna (Sololá)
Comunidad de Sumpango (Sacatepéquez)
Municipalidad de Rabinal (Baja Verapaz)
Concepción 41 (Sacatepéquez)
Embajada de México (Guatemala)
Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala (Guatemala)
Galería NG (Panama)
Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (Mexiko-Stadt)
Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, UNAM (Mexiko-Stadt)

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Fundación Paiz para la Educación y la Cultura
Eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die sich für die Entwicklung und Transformation der guatemaltekischen Gesellschaft engagiert. Vor vier Jahrzehnten als Corporate Social Responsibility Organisation entstanden, ist sie heute ein reines Familienunternehmen. Seit ihrer Gründung führt sie ihre Aktivitäten im Rahmen von Bildungs-, Kultur- und Kunstprogrammen durch. Jedes Jahr beeinflusst die Paiz-Stiftung das Leben von mehr als 60.000 Menschen durch verschiedene Bildungs- und Sozialprogramme.

Veranstalter, Kontakte:
Fundación Paiz
11 Avenida 33-32, Zona 5
Ciudad de Guatemala
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21. Paiz Kunstbiennale:
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Bilder oben: Humberto Vélez & Comunidad de Sumpango: Rajawal Tinamit/El Espíritu del Pueblo, © Foto Herbert Burrion. Maya-Altar in Comalapa, erneuert von der 21. Paiz Biennale. Alexia Miranda: Plataforma flotante para anidar los sueños. © Fotos: Courtesy Fundación Paiz.

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