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Michelle Drapeau

Assistenzkuratorin der Manif d’art 9, 2019

Michelle Drapeau

Currently enrolled in a master’s program in art history at Université Laval, Michelle Drapeau is an emerging curator from Moncton and now based in Quebec City.

She has worked as the assistant curator of contemporary art at the Musée des beaux-arts national du Québec and has prepared outreach materials for this same institution. She has been coordinator of the Symposium international d’art contemporain in Baie-Saint-Paul and teaching assistant in art history at Université Laval.

Alongside her mandate for Manif d’art 9 as assistant curator, she is the curator for Images rémanentes, a public art itinerary in Moncton, curator of all exhibitions in the Quebec City Library galleries, and project manager for the Maison de la littérature.

She is involved in the artistic community as treasurer on the board of directors of the Foire en art actuel de Québec, as host of the weekly cultural radio program À l’est de vos empires, and as a jury member for various contemporary art awards, in addition to writing critical essays on art.

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Manif d’art 9

Québec City, Kanada

16. Februar - 21. April 2019

Künstlerischer Leiter: Claude Bélanger

Kurator: Jonathan Watkins

Assistenzkuratorin: Michelle Drapeau


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