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Job Koelewijn

Relief 1. 2011
Installation (Holz, Bücher und Audiokassetten, 712 St., Aufnahme: 1. Feb. 2006 - 24. Mär. 2009)
140 x 200 x 30 cm
Relief 2. 2012
Installation (Holz, Bücher und Audiokassetten, 774 St., Aufnahme: 25. Mär. 2009 - 6. Jan. 2012 ) 140x 200 x 30 cm
Job Koelewijn's work invites us to a more meditative sense of time. Since 2006 the artist starts every day by reading out loud crucial texts from the history of both eastern and western thinking for forty-five minutes. So not just Peter Sloterdijk's Critique of Cynical Reason, but also The I Ching – The Book of Changes, and he records this on audio-tape. The outcome –hundreds of tapes– is presented in Guangzhou in a bookshelf-like installation. The tapes can also be listened to in a special listening booth. According to the artist, the work makes clear that a mechanical act does not necessarily have to be benumbing, it can also lead –as many eastern techniques of thinking demonstrate– to different and more concentrated forms of insight, knowledge, and wisdom. (Henk Slager)


© Foto: Courtesy 1. Asien Biennale &
5. Guangzhou Triennale,
Guangdong Kunstmuseum

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