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Öffentliche Aktion von Benvenuto Chavajay

The Guatemalan artist Benvenuto Chavajay, official guest of the XIV Cuenca Biennial, visited the city to plan the realization of his work. In this context, on 29 August, he realized a public action in support of the Biennial's struggle for its budget this year.

The action started from the Biennial and went to the Government of Azuay, in a symbolic walk that evoked a passage of the Mayan cosmogony.

Video produced by Mario Martínez & Pablo Rojas, students of Social Communication at the Salesian Polytechnic University

© Video: Courtesy Biennale Cuenca

14. Biennale Cuenca 2018

23. November 2018 - 3. Februar 2019, Cuenca, Ecuador. Lebendige Strukturen: Kunst als eine plurale Erfahrung. Chefkurator: Jesús Fuenmayor. Kurator Bildungsprogramm: Félix Suazo

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