National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Das Nationale Taiwan Museum der Schönen Künste wurde 1988 gegründet. Es befindet sich im Herzen der Stadt Taichung in Zentral-Taiwan und ist das einzige Nationalmuseum des Landes. Der Gebäudekomplex mit einem Kellergeschoss und drei Etagen über der Erde verfügt über eine Ausstellungsfläche von insgesamt 102.000 Quadratmetern (einschließlich des Skulpturenparks). Der rechteckige, nach Westen ausgerichtete Komplex hat eine Fläche von 38.000 qm, von denen 15.600 qm für das Ausstellungsprogramm und 5.200 qm für das Bildungszentrum genutzt werden. Es ist eines der größten Museen Asiens.

The Museum is dedicated to the education and promotion of visual arts. It places great emphasis on collecting works by Taiwanese artists and exploring the unique characteristics of modern and contemporary Taiwanese arts. Its aims are: to organize the most diverse range of themed visual art exhibitions, to foster long-term art exchanges with overseas institutions, to actively participate in major international events, to promote art education, and to provide the public with a pleasing and multi-faceted environment for viewing art. Through cooperative research, joint-curatorship, and equal exchanges, the Museum has maintained positive interactions with museums internationally. Exhibitions curated with a focus on Taiwanese art and collections have been held in major art museums in France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan, Korea and the United States to introduce Taiwanese Art to the world.

The Museum is also the organizer of several important international biennial programs such as Asian Art Biennial (established in 2007), Taiwan Biennial (est. 2008), and the Contemporary Art across the Strait Exhibition. (est. 2009) as well as taking responsibility for overseeing the International Print Biennial and the Taiwan International Documentary Festival. The mission of these international exhibitions is to provide a platform for both art programs and art networks for international cooperation by presenting diverse creative content and new possibilities in the field of art. The museum is also responsible of the organization of the Taiwan Pavilion at the Venice International Architecture Exhibition since 2000.

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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
No. 2 Wu Chuan West Road, Section 1
Taichung City 403, Taiwan
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