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Jeleton (Gelen Alcántara y Jesús Arpal)

Jeleton (Gelen Alcántara y Jesús Arpal)

Historia política de las flores 4, 2016
Graphic installation
MADC, San José

Detail: image of Berta Cáceres, indigenous leader assassinated in March 2016. She was called "guardiana de los ríos" (Guardian of the rivers) for her struggle for life, and against hydroelectric, mining, and logging projects in Honduras.

© Photos: Alex Arias (above), Flavia Sánchez (below)

Central American Biennial - Photo Tour

30 August - 30 September 2016, Costa Rica. Title: All the Lives. General curator: Tamara Díaz Bringas; 70 artists and groups. Organizer: Empresarios por el Arte.

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