Pavilion of Argentina

National Pavilion of Argentina, 2018

National Pavilion of Argentina

16th International Architecture Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia

26 May - 25 November 2018

Javier Mendiondo, Pablo Anzilutti, Franciso Garrido, Federico Cairoli

Commissioner: National Director for Cultural Affairs, Ambassador Sergio Baur

Venue: Arsenale - Sale d'Armi
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Opening: 25 May at 5 pm

Horizontal Vertigo

The exhibition project that represents Argentina at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia, was selected among 30 submissions, by means of a contest organized by the National Directorate for Cultural Affairs of the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

Architects Franciso Garrido, Pablo Anzilutti, Javier Mendiondo and Federico Cairoli of the winning group are all from the Argentine province of Santa Fe, and have already won several competitions. According to them, "horizontal vertigo", a metaphor mentioned by Jorge Luis Borges, quoting an expression of his friend Pierre Drieu La Rochelle when gazing at the vast pampas in a spirit of timeless solitude, "is a concept intended to show the vast territory of Argentina with all its potential and multiple and diverse initiatives, which often interact, get boosted and fade, and make up a scattered fabric which is very interesting to show," they explained. They also stated that the aim of the project is to give the world a glimpse of Argentine architecture and society focused on projects produced since the country's return to democracy, in 1983.

Curatorial Introduction ►

Horizontal Vertigo is showcased at the Argentine Pavilion in the Arsenale, where a glass structure 23 m long and over 2 m high will be displayed. Inside the glass structure, visitors will view an "abstract plain," a scene of the traditional Pampean landscape: on the ceiling, the Argentine sky; and on the floor, a wheat field. The pavilion will be completely dark and illumination will stem from the structure itself, so as to captivate visitors.

The architects chose this design in order for visitors to look inside the box and see the pictures reflected tenfold on the mirrored glass. This creates the illusion of a horizon leading to a dark area, where 40 original sketches by Argentine architects from Patagonia to Misiones Province will be displayed.

The structure is built by modules, which enables it to be easily reassembled at different places -museums, exhibitions, fairs- both in Argentina and in other countries. This feature makes Horizontal Vertigo an itinerant exhibition.

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto de la República Argentina
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(From press information. Image on top: Installation rendering)

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