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Entrance to the Pavilion of Taiwan

Outside Again is a short documentary on Hsieh’s performances, made by photographer Hugo Glendinning with writer and curator Adrian Heathfield, and shot in Taipei and New York. Returning to the original sites of his performances many decades later, Hsieh momentarily relives their sense. Some locations have transformed beyond recognition, some have remained relatively unchanged, and others have fallen into dereliction. The occasion of these returns prompts Hsieh to articulate his thoughts on art and its outsides, long durations, and the testing of human limits.

Watch the video on line: Outside Again

© Photo: Hugo Glendinning
Courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Taiwan Pavilion 2017 - Photo Tour

13 May - 26 November 2017, Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice. Artist: Tehching Hsieh. Curator: Adrian Heathfield. Commissioner: Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

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