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Mousa Al Alami

Mousa Al Alami was a Palestinian lawyer, philanthropist and founder of the Arab Development Society.

The Manifesto of the Arab Development Society is Mousa's vision of imagining a different Palestine. The Arab Development Society established - among other projects - a farm and a school in Jericho, to develop land, and create training centres for refugee boys and girls, orphans and destitutes, to teach them elementary education and train them in some crafts, to be cultivators, who are better equipped with agricultural knowledge and experience, in machine farming and new methods of cultivation, and who are also literate and educated so that they may follow up their studies later. The farm was destroyed in the riots of 1958 against the British mandate. The rebuilt with help from the World Bank and Ford Foundation was destroyed again by the Israeli Army during the occipation of the West Bank in 1967.

© Photo: Courtesy of A.M. Qattan Foundation

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Photos of the inaugural exhibition of the A.M. Qattan Foundation's building in Ramallah, 28 June - 29 September 2018. Curator: Yazid Anani

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