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Samaritan Niche (detail)

15th – 16th century, Damascus, Syria
From a no longer existing private house in the Malik az-Zahir quarter.
Marble and colored stone, in part painted.
Height 302 cm, width 245 cm, depth ca. 70 cm
Museum of Islamic Art Berlin

Although inspired by the Mihrāb architecture of mosques, this is not a prayer niche. The wall niche is from the bourgeois home of Samaritans lived – a religious community related to Judaism. The Samaritan inscriptions in the groins of the arch and on the rosettes on the rear wall are quotations from the Old Testament (Genesis and Exodus).

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Razan Nassreddine

Multaka: Refugees and immigrants with Syrian or Iraqi backgrounds as mediators in 4 Berlin museums present their favorite objects. Samaritan Niche, Museum of Islamic Art.

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