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José Alejandro Restrepo

Ojo por diente [An Eye for a Tooth]. 1994
2 framed sepia photographs, glasses, 24 teeth, 2 wooden display cases and 2 lamps
Ojo por diente presents two old display cases that look as if they had come from an ethnological museum. Above the left-hand one is a photograph of a bespectacled anthropologist; in the case itself, somewhat lost, lie his spectacles. Above the right-hand case is a photograph of a "savage" baring his teeth, and as a counterpart to the glasses, neatly and delicately arranged and numbered: his teeth. Who cannibalized whom? Who is devouring whom, even today?
(From the leaflet)

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Cantos Cuentos Colombianos

Inaugural exhibition at Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro, 23 March - 8 September 2013. A representative selection of works by 10 Colombian artists, curated by Hans-Michael Herzog.

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