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Esteban Álvarez: Fuegos de luces
(Fire of Lights)

11 August - 1 October 2010
Fundación YPF - Arte en la Torre

Esteban Álvarez
* 1966 Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives there.

Curator of the program Arte en la Torre (Art in the tower):
Fernando Farina

Esteban Álvarez invades the space with a controlled fire, which glows and flares endlessly. The internvention fills the space with light. It consists of a series of neon sculptures with a choreography of light controlled through electronic sequences.

(Information from the website of Fundación YPF.
From Spanish: Haupt & Binder)

Fundación YPF - Arte en la Torre
Macacha Guemes 515 PB
Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

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