Street Art in Yemen

Artistic practices in the public space of Yemen to articulate criticism, resistance and collective claims.

By Anahi Alviso-Marino

Jul 2013

Amna al Nassiri

Change in Yemen, Change in the Arts? Answers through an installation of Amna al Nassiri.

By Anahi Alviso-Marino

Apr 2011

Boushra Almutawakel

The Yemeni photographer challenges stereotypes, searching for alternative discourses.

By Anahi Alviso-Marino

Oct 2010

Words of Eyes

Eight Yemeni photographers exhibit at the National Museum in Sana'a and other venues in Yemen.

By Anahi Alviso-Marino

Oct 2010

Last of the Dictionary Men

Stories from the South Shields Yemeni Sailors. Art project by Tina Gharavi and Youssef Nabil.

May 2008

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