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The Monument of an Illegal Street Vendor, 2013

Wax sculpture, forged designer handbags

The artist memorializes a vendor of forged designer handbags and therewith another part of society that is often treated with contempt. Playing with the beholder's anticipations the works of Halil Altındere try stereotypical ideas and question the relationship between citizen and authority. Quite subversively and ambiguously he explores the role of art and artist in this context.


© Photo: Courtesy Kunstpalais Erlangen
Photographer: Erich Malter

Who the f*ck is Halil Altındere?

Provocatively Altındere uses symbolism and language of the system that he criticizes, be it that of his home country or the global art circuit. Until 22 March 2015, Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany.

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