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Homage to Serge Gainsbourg, Tag Self-Portrait

Homage to Serge Gainsbourg, 2005
Altındere mimics a gesture by the famous French chansonnier, who in 1984 lit a cigarette with a five-hundred franc note on television to protest the high tobacco tax. Altındere instead uses the art magazine he founded, art-ist, which is dedicated to its critics and opponents.

In the background:
Tag Self-Portrait, 2011
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© Photo: Courtesy Kunstpalais Erlangen
Photographer: Erich Malter

Who the f*ck is Halil Altındere?

Provocatively Altındere uses symbolism and language of the system that he criticizes, be it that of his home country or the global art circuit. Until 22 March 2015, Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany.

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