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Act 3: Science / Repair Analysis, 2013

Repaired mirrors, lithographs, wooden mask

Nicolas Henri Jacob is considered a pioneer of lithography. He worked as an illustrator and scientist alongside anatomist Jean Marc Bourgery, and together they spent twenty years (1830-1850) editing the anatomical picture book. The original publication, which included a total of 725 lithographs, was a standard reference work for surgical techniques. A selection of these prints is brought into conversation with a series of broken mirrors, held together with fastened wire coils. The Lega mask, bound here with the same technique, is used in initiation rites by Congolese Bwami society. By using this technique in his work, Attia favors an African understanding of repair: a practice that chooses to openly show and understand the process undergone by the object and incorporate it into its new form, rather than trying to conceal the traces of breakage.


© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Kader Attia: REPAIR. 5 ACTS

His first institutional solo show in Germany, KW Berlin, 26 May - 25 Aug. 2013. The artist interviewed by the curator; photo tour.

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