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House of Natural Fiber: transmediale Award 2011

House of Natural Fiber from Indonesia received the transmediale Award for their biotechnology art work.
Feb 2011

On 5 Saturday 2011, The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) were honoured with the transmediale Award for their installation Intelligent Bacteria. The ceremony took place at the Auditorium of the House of World Cultures in Berlin.

The jury of transmediale had nominated seven outstanding art works from more than 1000 entries submitted from around the world.

transmediale - the leading international festival for art and digital culture - presents and pursues the advancement of artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural, political and creative impact of new technologies, network practices and digital innovation.

HONF - The House of Natural Fiber is a new media art laboratory and community, founded in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

About the work: Intelligent Bacteria - Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 2010

Alcohol is a cultural contradiction in Indonesia. Religion suppresses public alcohol consumption while culturally alcohol has been traditionally developed by diverse ethnic cultures.

Intelligent Bacteria - Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an artistic research project, manifested in the form of an acoustic and performative installation that responds to the high number of poisonings and deaths of alcohol consumers in Indonesia. The unsterilised processing of alcohol, conducted by large sectors of the society, produces methanol that is unsafe to consume. Traditional and modern technology of fermentation needs an appropriate method to produce a safely consumable alcohol.

The project is a collaborative art and biotechnology work, using DIY and open source technologies intended to give the public an awareness of the local traditional culture of alcohol, and to distribute knowledge of safe alcohol fermentation process in order to produce alcoholic drinks with the richness of Indonesian tropical fruit in an affordable and safe way.

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© Photos courtesy of transmediale

House of Natural Fiber from Indonesia received the transmediale Award for their biotechnology art work Intelligent Bacteria.

1 - 6 February 2011

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