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35 Prints - 35 Years of Occupation

35 Prints - 35 Years of Occupation. Project by Israeli and Palestinian artists.
May 2004

Since 1981, Israeli and Palestinian artists have collaborated on a series of joint projects protesting the occupation and working towards a joint future based upon equal, secure and free co-existence, in which the culture of one people enriches and reinforces that of the other, rather than seeking to overwhelm or subjugate it.

From their outset, the joint Israeli-Palestinian exhibitions have sought to promote the following principles:
- Opposition to the occupation
- Two states for two peoples
- A shared Jerusalem
- Support for non-violent means of resolving the conflict
In defiance of the painful situation in which we presently find ourselves - violent, oppressive and seemingly without a solution - and in a direct challenge to the renewed threat of population transfer, re-occupation and terror, we, as artists are determined to persist in our efforts to promote peaceful dialogue, towards a shared peaceful future for both peoples.

In June 2002, a group of Palestinian and Israeli artists - operating in conjunction with the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Coalition - began work on a portfolio of original screenprints designed to promote these ideals. The entire portfolio of 35 prints - referring to 35 years of occupation - was printed at the Har-El Print Workshop in Jaffa, and is to be exhibited in Israel, Palestine and internationally.


Participating artists:
<line>Larry Abramson</line>

<line>Bashir Abu-Rabia</line>

<line>Jawad Al-Malhi</line>

<line>Nabil Anani</line>

<line>Assad Azi</line>

<line>Tysir Barakat</line>

<line>Dganit Berest</line>

<line>Karim Dabah</line>

<line>Taleb Dweik</line>

<line>Yair Garbuz</line>

<line>Moshe Gershuni</line>

<line>Rula Halawani</line>

<line>Haled Hourani</line>

<line>Emily Jacir</line>

<line>Danny Karavan</line>

<line>Gershon Knispel</line>

<line>Sigalit Landau</line>

<line>Itzhak Livne</line>

<line>Suleiman Mansour</line>

<line>Tal Matzliach</line>

<line>Ibrahim Mozain</line>

<line>Hisham Muhsin</line>

<line>Faten Nastas</line>

<line>Michal Neaman</line>

<line>Hossni Radwan</line>

<line>Yousef Ragib</line>

<line>David Reeb</line>

<line>Michal Rovner</line>

<line>Samir Salameh</line>

<line>Dina Shenhav</line>

<line>David Tartakover</line>

<line>Igal Tumarkin</line>

<line>Micha Ullman</line>

<line>Sharif Waked</line>

<line>Gal Weinstain </line>

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35 Prints - 35 Years of Occupation


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