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Ceci Arango, Monika Bravo

Ceci Arango:

Corocora stools. 1993
Fique fiber spiral-woven over esparto fiber, macana palm wood base
Cucarachero poufs. 2014
Junco fiber spiral-woven over wood structure, macana palm wood base
The seats are handwoven by women from the town of Guacamayas, Colombia, who are well known for a traditional spiral-basket-weaving technique whereby a core of esparto fibers is wrapped in fine fique threads. Visitors are encouraged to sit on the stools.

Monika Bravo:

Four channel animation, 5 min.
The video installation is inspired by a traditional pattern of the Arhuaco people, a cultural group native to the mountanious Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region adjacent to the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Working from a mathematical analysis of the way in which Arhuaco women weave their patterns, Bravo replicates their designs by constructing the textile digitally, using pixels as her "threads." Bravo’s digital weaving eventually morphs into the landscape of the Sierra Nevada.

Exhibition view of Waterweavers: The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture.

© Photo: Juan Luque
Courtesy of Bard Graduate Center Gallery


The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture. Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, 24 June - 27 Sept. 2015. Curator: José Roca, with Alejandro Martín.

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