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Espina Dorsal (Backbone), 2009 / 2010

Espina Dorsal has been conceived as a big installation in reference to those rough wood structures. There are seven formwork structures altogether that connect one another going up from the first to the second floor of the Palais de Glace through a hole between the two stores. It must be pointed out that, in order to define each formwork, the measurements of the stairs documented previously in Medellin were taken as reference.
Instead of showing the finished stairs, Herrán refers to the building process. In this case, these are but potential stairs because the concrete has not been poured yet. Likewise, the space is ambiguous, as the construction has stopped at an intermediate stage between what is just a hill and what will be stairs. Isolated from their historical space-time, the formwork structures are presented as a metaphor of the Latin American utopia, since they speak of a dream and the possibility of fulfilling it.

© Photo: Sol Arrese
Courtesy of Less Time Than Space

Juan Fernando Herrán

Backbone: Informal Urbanism and Utopia. A metaphor of the possibility of Latin American integration.

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