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De-Materialization and Evanescense

Conceptual, Escobedo addresses everyone without hermeticism, goes beyond the languages of her domain without betraying herself; the other, means us for her, which creates a community in each work. In Mexico, she is considered a pioneer of the creation based on ecological problems, -nonetheless se does not make ecological art, for this pretends to transform the given conditions in a lasting way -, Escobedo just does it for a few weeks, granting the gift of another glance.

Maybe for Escobedo the physical space and the object are not the perfect place, but that where collective memory and experience are built; there is where she aspires to leave the mark of her work, accepting loss and evanescence.


© Photo: Lourdes Grobet

Helen Escobedo

Retrospective of the Mexican artist (1934 - 2010), Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico. In Memoriam.

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