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Helen would find a reflection of her desires on visual arts integration and on the concept of art as a work and a service to society, including the design potential, in the works of Mathias Goeritz and in Ida Rodríguez Prampolini’s texts. This utopia strengthens during the exalted collectivization, the peer solidarity, and the questioning of institutional policies from her experience as director of the visual arts faculty and founder of the independent classrooms at the UNAM in 1968. She felt creation could be collective.

This is how she experienced the movement and its kickback. Thus, she would make several dynamic walls projects and sculptural settings made of lacquered plywood sheets, some of them made as screen-prints - a multi-reproduction privileged technique- where she embodied her reflections on the rampant urban growth, advertising, architecture, or design.


© Photo: Lourdes Grobet

Helen Escobedo

Retrospective of the Mexican artist (1934 - 2010), Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico. In Memoriam.

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