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Colectivo de Acciones de Arte (CADA)

NO +. 1983-1988
Art action: during the tenth year of the dictatorship, CADA created the NO + slogan to be completed by the public. Artists from diverse disciplines graffitied it all over the city. Over the next seven years, the slogan proliferated throughout the country as a sign of resistance, up to the plebiscite that finally voted the "no" on whether or not the dictatorship should continue, ultimately leading to its removal.
Colectivo de Acciones de Arte (CADA)
Santiago, Chile (1979 - 1989)
The Collective of Art Actions has been formed by the sociologist Fernando Balcells, the writer Diamela Eltit, the poet Raúl Zurita and the visual artists Lotty Rosenfeld and Juan Castillo.

© Photo: Jorge Brantmayer

Copying Eden

Recent Art in Chile. Book edited by Gerardo Mosquera, several essays by other art critics. Lots of images and information.

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