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Damián Ortega

Warp Cloud. 2018

Installed in a former textile factory, this artwork is like a curtain: woven and layered with complicated lines and rhythms. According to a myth in Mexico where the artist lives, weaving implies bringing heaven and earth together. With this story in his heart, the artist placed several spheres on each thread hung from the ceiling across two floors with weights in the shape of a water droplet. Displayed, these objects bring to mind the structure of water molecules in space. The artwork floating like a cloud reminds us of the history and culture of this old factory.

Pueblo de Miyukicho

© Foto: Osamu Nakamura
Cortesía de la Trienal de Echigo-Tsumari

Trienal de Echigo-Tsumari 2018 - fotos

29 julio - 17 septiembre 2018, región de Echigo-Tsumari, Japón. Director General: Fram Kitagawa. Aprox. 360 obras der artistas, arquitectos y performers de 44 países en un área de 760 km2.

Hacia arriba