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Erkan Özgen

Erkan Özgen

Wonderland, 2016
Video, 4 min

Muhammad, a deaf-mute boy from a small Syrian village, son of a family of well-diggers who work for the Syrian oil industry, flees with his parents and five siblings from the militias over the Turkish border near Diyarbakır to Derik. In his own way, Muhammad tells the video artist about the militias murdering his neighbors, members of his family, killing six of his own cousins. At the end of the video, Muhammad even reenacts the decapitations, "he had seen the decapitated heads of his cousins, and their eyes hollowed out in front."

© Still: Erkan Özgen

The Red Gaze

Group exhibition at Zilberman Gallery - Berlin, 11 October - 23 December 2016. Curated by: A.S. Bruckstein Çoruh.

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