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Yazid Anani, Abed al-Rahman Shabaneh & Aline Khoury

Equipo curatorial de Subcontracted Nations, 2018

Yazid Anani

Yazid Anani is the Director of Public Programmes at the A.M. Qattan Foundation in Ramallah. He received his doctorate degree in Spatial Planning, 2006 from TU Dortmund, Germany. He was a scholar at the Department of Architecture, Birzeit University from 1997-2016. Anani chaired the Academic Council of the International Art Academy Palestine from 2010-12. He is part of several collectives, and projects such as DAAR & Ramallah Syndrome and has curated and co-curated several projects such as Urban Cafés, Digital Myth of Palestinian Flora, Here, in 66, Outside the Archive, If I were a Patriot? , and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 5th editions of Cities Exhibition and took part in several art projects. Anani lectured and published internationally on issues of architecture and urban transformations, colonial spaces and power relations, public art and public spaces and art education.


Abed al-Rahman Shabaneh
Curador asistente

Abed al-Rahman Shabaneh is an architect, poet, and curator. He studied architecture at Birzeit University (graduating in May 2012), published his first poetry book in September 2015, and curated his first exhibition A Site of Disjunction in 2017. Abed al-Rahman Shabaneh works as an assistant curator for the Public Program at A.M. Qattan Foundation.


Aline Khoury
Curadora asistente

Aline Khoury is a cultural manager and researcher living and working in Jerusalem. She studied History of Art and Social-Anthropology at the Hebrew University, and completed her Masters in Aural & Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths University, London. Upon her return to Jerusalem, she joined Al Mamal Foundation for Contemporary Art where she currently manages the exhibition and public programs. In addition, Khoury works independently on research and curatorial projects on Palestinian art from the early 20th century.

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Subcontracted Nations

28 junio - 29 septiembre 2018

Muestra inaugural de la nueva sede de la Fundación A.M. Qattan en Ramallah, Palestina.

Curador: Yazid Anani

Curadores asistentes: Abed al-Rahman Shabaneh, Aline Khoury

Con la participación de más de 60 artistas de Palestina y otros países.

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