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Colección Videobrasil en Contexto #1

Proyectos de Cláudio Bueno (Brasil) y Mahmoud Khaled (Egipto), junto a obras de referencia de la Colección Videobrasil. Galpão VB, San Pablo. 20 feb. - 19 marzo 2016.
feb 2016

Los trabajos originados a partir de las residencias artísticas de Cláudio Bueno (Brasil) y Mahmoud Khaled (Egipto), que participan de la primera edición del proyecto Videobrasil in Context, son presentadas a la par de las obras de la colección de Videobrasil, que les sirvieron como referencia en su investigación e influenciaron la concepción de los trabajos creados.

On 20 February 2016 Galpão VB | Associação Cultural Videobrasil kicked off its 2016 exhibition program with the opening of Videobrasil Collection in Context #1. The exhibit showcases the results of the first edition of the artist residency project Videobrasil in Context, which proposed for the two selected artists, Cláudio Bueno (Brazil) and Mahmoud Khaled (Egypt), to create brand new artworks by immersing themselves in the Videobrasil Collection. The show also features the artworks that served as objects of research and conceptual references for Bueno’s and Khaled’s projects, including videos by Akram Zaatari (Lebanon), Coco Fusco (USA), Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil) and Wagner Morales (Brazil), among others.

On February 20 and March 5, Cláudio Bueno and Mahmoud Khaled, respectively, will share their residency experiences and creative processes in meetings at Galpão VB, as part of the show’s Public Programs. The meeting and the exhibit, which runs until March 19, are free admission.

Created in 2012 by Videobrasil programme director Thereza Farkas, the Videobrasil in Context project is part of Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s Residency Program and aims to foster artist exchange in association with the Videobrasil Collection, currently comprising 4,500 catalogued items (including videos, video installations, recorded performances, publications and documents).

For the first edition of Videobrasil in Context, held in partnership with the Delfina Foundation (London, United Kingdom) and Casa Tomada (São Paulo, Brazil), Cláudio Bueno and Mahmoud Khaled were selected via a call for entries. During their residencies, they made incursions into the Videobrasil Collection, and the results of their research materialize in this exhibit. Cláudio Bueno created, in partnership with Paula Garcia – an artist featured in the 17th Festival and the author of one of the recorded performances used as a reference by Bueno –, the installation Estudo para Duelo. For his part, Mahmoud Khaled conceived the video installation Proposal for a Porn Company, in connection with other Videobrasil Collection works. The pieces produced by the artists and shown in the exhibition Videobrasil Collection in Context #1 will also be included in the Associação’s collection.

Estudo para Duelo invites visitors to put on magnetized vests and walk down a six-meter long metallic hallway from opposing ends. Contact between the participants is prevented by the magnetic field created between the vests. According to the artist, the piece suggests analogies with the power fields that exist in day-to-day relationships, whether interpersonal, with spaces or with institutions. "Such forces, which aren’t seen, but felt in our bodies, can be interpreted as power, information, relationship etc.," he asserts. The piece was created during Cláudio Bueno’s residency stint at the Delfina Foundation.

The three-channel video installation Proposal for a Porn Company, by Mahmoud Khaled, works with the universe explored by porn video production company MEN AT PLAY, which specializes in erotic storylines featuring male characters from the corporate and business world. Set in the city of São Paulo, where the artist undertook a residency at Casa Tomada, the videos seek out urban locations that could serve as settings for a hypothetical film by the company. The audience may recognize places such as Conjunto Nacional, Avenida Paulista, Congonhas Airport or the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture. The scenes are interspersed with audio and video excerpts from MEN AT PLAY films, which unfold and deconstruct the narrative structure of a porn production.


Dialogues with the Videobrasil Collection

Cláudio Bueno’s proposal was deeply influenced by the program and artworks of the Festival’s 15th edition, which was entirely devoted to performance. For that reason, the exhibit includes, at Galpão VB’s Video Room, footage of performances like Bare Life Study #1 (2005), by Coco Fusco; #4 (from the series Corpo Ruído – Estudo para um Soterramento) (2011), by Paula Garcia; Chelpa Ferro (2005), by Chelpa Ferro; and Engrenagem (2005), by Ana Gastelois and Eder Santos.

In turn, the piece by Mahmoud Khaled, an artist featured in the 18th Festival (2013), was instigated by artworks that deal with human relationships and are firmly rooted in an urban setting. Várzea (2006), by Estúdio Bijari (Brasil); Não há Ninguém Aqui #1 (2000), by Wagner Morales (Brazil); Desvios, Derivas, Contornos (2007), by Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil); Video in 5 Movements (2006) and Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright (2010), both by Lebanon’s Akram Zaatari; and the video installation Oracle (2009), by Sebastian Diaz Morales (Argentina).


About the artists

Cláudio Bueno
(São Paulo, Brazil, 1983)
Bueno’s work combines performance, installation and technologies, exploring aspects of those languages through the triad of body, space and information. He holds a PhD in Visual Arts from the University of São Paulo (USP), for his thesis "Campos de Invisibilidade" [Fields of Invisibility]. Bueno has been selected for residencies at the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (MIS-SP), at the La Chambre Blanche in Quebec, Canada and at the Delfina Foundation in London. His work has been featured at domestic and international art centers including the Hessel Museum of Art/CCS Bard, in New York, USA; Centro Multimedia in Mexico City, Mexico; Paço das Artes, Luciana Brito Galeria, Itaú Cultural, Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo Cultural Center and at different units of Sesc (Social Service of Commerce) in São Paulo, Brazil, among other venues. He is currently a member of O grupo inteiro (comprised of Carol Tonetti, Cláudio Bueno, Ligia Nobre and Vitor Cesar). Cláudio Bueno lives and works out of São Paulo.

Mahmoud Khaled
(Alexandria, Egypt, 1982)
Through Khaled’s work, we are subjected to the conceptual repercussions of a scrutinizing gaze that basically relates to the grey areas between public living and its personal counterparts. He is pursuing a master's degree in Fine Arts from the Trondheim Academy in Norway. His work has been featured in solo and group shows at art halls and centers throughout Europe and the Middle East, including the Stedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam; Institute du Monde Arabe/IMA in Paris; and the Bonner Kunstverein in Bonn. He has been selected for residencies at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, USA; the Delfina Foundation in London, UK; the Bronx Museum in New York, USA, among other organizations. Mahmoud Khaled lives and works between Alexandria, Egypt and Trondheim, Norway.

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Videobrasil Collection in Context #1
Cláudio Bueno, Mahmoud Khaled y obras de la Colección Videobrasil

20 febrero - 19 marzo 2016

Galpão VB

Associação Cultural Videobrasil

Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, #1150
Vila Leopoldina
05305-002 São Paulo - SP


Mar - Vier 13:00 - 19:00 hs

Sab 11:00 - 17:00 hs.

Entrada libre


Programa público:

20 febrero 2016, 15:00 hs

Visita guiada con Cláudio Bueno


5 marzo 2016, 15:00 hs

Visita guiada con Mahmoud Khaled

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