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4th Asian Art Biennial, 2013

5 Oct. 2013 - 5 Jan. 2014, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung. Theme: Everyday Life. Curator: Iris Shu-Ping Huang; 36 artists and groups.
oct 2013

>> 4th Asian Art Biennial
Special by Universes in Universe, incl. a photo tour
The 4th edition of the Asian Art Biennial has been presented from 5 October 2013 through 5 January 2014 by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Taichung, Taiwan.

Curated by NTMoFA curator, Iris Shu-Ping Huang, the theme of Everyday Life presented creative trends observed in Asian arts in the recent years, and it further focused on the "everyday-ness" in daily experiences, and as well as the aesthetic development with the return to everyday life. Furthermore, the theme of Everyday Life also embodied another layer of meaning, as it anticipated to investigate and reflect on the emerging irregular social conventions and systems and to regain a genuine sense of self-esteem and consideration for the essence of life in a social setting.

Asia is blessed with richly diverse geography, ethnicity, culture, and history, and as artistic expressions seem to become more homogeneous due to globalization, the boundaries from one place to another and from private realms to public are undoubtedly becoming more ambiguous. As cross-territorial and cross-cultural impacts become tightly intertwined, various issues of homogenization and life’s transitions are challenging our comprehensions for Asia and also our customary thoughts.

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>> UiU Special: 4th Asian Art Biennial

4th Asian Art Biennial 2013

5 October 2013 - 5 January 2014
Taichung, Taiwan

Curator: Iris Shu-Ping HUANG

Exhibition Coordinator: Pei-Min HSIEH

36 artists and groups

Organizer, venue:

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

No. 2 Wu Chuan West Road, Section 1
Taichung City 403

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