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Fundación Bienal de Cerveira - Residencias artísticas

Convocatoria para las residencias artísticas en Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal. Cierre: 15 abril 2012.
mar 2012

The Cerveira Biennial Foundation opened the application period for the Artist Residencies Competition 2012, which runs until April 15th 2012. The project Artistic Residencies 2012 integrates the cultural action program developed by the Foundation Biennial of Cerveira and is complementary to other projects and activities, such as the Biennial of Cerveira, the Creative Industries Cluster, the Cerveira Biennial Museum, temporary exhibitions, ateliers and workshops.

The Artistic Residencies 2012 program is open to the national and international artists in order to develop individual or collective artistic projects.

With the occupation of spaces through the artistic residencies, the Cerveira Biennial Foundation intends to motivate the exchange of experiences and knowledge among these artists and the community, promoting the social development of the designated "Village of the Arts” and projecting the portuguese culture and arts.

The artistic residencies will occur between 1st June and 31st October 2012, in the "Artist’s House Painter Jaime Isidoro", property of the City Hall of Vila Nova de Cerveira associated to the activity of the Cerveira Biennial Foundation.


15 April 2012

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(Press release)

Convocatoria para las residencias artísticas en Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

Cierre: 15 abril 2012

Cerveira Biennial Foundation

Largo do Terreiro nº 48
Vila Nova de Cerveira
4920 - 296

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