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Premio Sylt Quelle para el Sur de África

Para artistas del sur de África. Organizado por kunst:raum sylt quelle & Goethe-Institut. Cierre: 15 Sept. 2008
jun 2008

En 2008, la fundación kunst:raum sylt quelle, en cooperación con el Goethe-Institut Johannesburgo convocan al “sylt quelle cultural award for Southern Africa”. Está abierto a artistas de todas las disciplinas de países del sur de África.
How do Southern African writers, artists, choreographers, musicians and theatre-makers see their art in the context of the society they live in? What are the fundamental issues of their countries, and what ideas do they have for solving them?

In 2008, the foundation kunst:raum sylt quelle, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg is launching the “sylt quelle cultural award for Southern Africa”. This competition is open to artists of all disciplines from Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa und Swaziland.

Artists may apply with a project that will link culture and society, creating a context in which culture will have an impact on social structures and attitudes. The winner/winners will receive an award of 10,000 Euros, which must be used to finance the proposed project.

Selections will be made by an independent jury in a two-stage process.

The realized project/projects will be presented at the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg , the kunst:raum sylt quelle in Germany and other venues. The authors rights of the selected projects are not touched through this call of proposals. In case of further presentation of the project the support of the “sylt quelle cultural award for Southern Africa” and its initiators, the foundation “kunst:raum sylt quelle” and the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg have to be mentioned in public announcements.

Applications may be sent to the Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg and must include the following:
- a Curriculum Vitae and description of your career as an artist
- a detailed description of your project and a binding budget plan
- samples of your work
To simplify the selection process, we ask that all applications be by email or CD. Other forms of documentation will not be considered. Application material will not be returned. All decisions of the jury are final, reasons for rejections will not be disclosed.

Please send applications until 15th September 2008 to:
Goethe-Institut Johannesburg
Further information:

Sylt Quelle Cultural Award for Southern Africa

15 sept. 2008

Stiftung kunst:raum sylt quelle

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