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Mnemo Machina, 2016

There is sound of nature and people working playing in the dark room. These sounds, which were recorded in Daigo town, and give listeners an idea of everyday life in the region today. At the center, there is a three-dimensional object covered by a sheet. When sensors detect an approaching viewer, light is emitted from inside, showing up dreamy silhouettes of various objects inside the sheet (things that were in the school building, things treasured by alumni and so on). At the same time, the sound changes to the voices of alumni singing the school anthem.

Composit: Nicolas Charbonnier, Guillaume Léger, Julie Prost, Shunsuke Francois Nanjo, and Christophe K. Goosens

Venue: The former Uwaoka Elementary School
Daigo, Ibaraki

© Photo: Keizo KIOKU
Courtesy of KENPOKU ART 2016

KENPOKU ART: Mountain Area - Images

17 September - 20 November 2016, Northern Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. General Director: Fumio Nanjo. Art, science, and technology in dialogue with nature.

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