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Zhang Qing

Curador en jefe, junto con Henk Slager

Born in Suzhou, China in 1964, Zhang Qing is a former deputy curator of the Shanghai Art Museum and the director of Shanghai Biennale Office. He currently works as a researcher and the director of research and planning department at the National Art Museum of China, as well as an adjunct professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Tongji University and Yunnan University.

Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts as a postgraduate assistant, Zhang Qing went to the art theory department of China Academy of Art for further education. Gaining his doctor’s degree, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher on architectural history and theory in the department of architecture of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University.

He is the founder and a council member of International Biennial Association and also the director of the department of management and development, a member of CIMAM, a deputy director of the curatorial committee of the Chinese Artists Association, a deputy secretary general of the art committee of the National Steering Committee for Urban Sculpture Construction, the standing director of China's Urban Sculptor Association, the director of International Biennial Research Center and Research Center of Chinese Art at Beijing Normal University, the director of the Research Center for Cross-media Arts and Communication of the College of Fine Arts and Communications at Tongji University, a member of the Academic Committee of the Institute of Phenomenology and Academic Committee of the Institute of Philosophy of Art and cultural innovation at the China Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the Chinese Museums Association, the chairman of Creative M 50’ s creative, cutting-edge jury, a regulatory consultant of the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation’ s funded projects and one of the editorial board members of the National Art Museum of China and Art China.

Selected curatorial and collaborative exhibitions:

1988 The Big Dipper Art Exhibition, Nanjing Mass Art Center, China

1996 The 1st Chinese landscape art exhibition, Jinan Yellow River Railway Bridge,China

1998 South of the Yangtze River - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada

2000 Shanghai Biennale 3, Shanghai Art Museum, China

2001 Chinese Expression - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Singapore

2002 Red China - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gwangju Art Museum, Korea

2002 Asian City Network, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

2004 The Interpretation of Modern Times - Amsterdam Art Museum’s painting collection, Shanghai Art Museum, China

2004 Shanghai Biennale 5, Shanghai Art Museum, China

2006 Shanghai Biennale 6, Shanghai Art Museum, China

2007 São Paulo Architecture Biennale 6 , the São Paulo Biennial Foundation, Brazil

2007 The 10th Venice Sculpture Exhibition, Italian Culture and Art Center, Italy

2007 - 2010 Infantilization, Shanghai Art Museum, China; Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, China; the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, France; Antwerp photo gallery, Belgium; Basel Art Center, Switzerland

2008 Shanghai Biennale 7, Shanghai Art Museum, China

2009 Story of the image: masters of classical and new era in Antwerp, Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp, Belgium; Shanghai Art Museum, China; National Museum of Singapore, Singapore

2012 Dhaka Asia Biennial 15 · China Pavilion, Bangladesh National Gallery, Bangladesh

2012 Images and Words – Arts after Rene Magritte, National Art Museum of China, China

2014 Modernity 3.0, Shanghai New York University Art Museum, China

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1a Bienal de Asia /
5a Trienal de Guangzhou 2015

11 diciembre 2015 - 10 abril 2016
Guangzhou, China

Tema: Asia Time

Equipo Curatorial:

Presidente: Luo Yiping

Curadores en jefe:
Henk Slager
Zhang Qing

Kim Hong-Hee
Ute Meta Bauer
Sarah Wilson
Sun Ge

Museo de Arte de Guangdong

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