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Sara van der Heide

The German Library and Information Centre Pyongyang. 2015
Técnica mixta
Dimensiones variables
During the Triennial the Deutsche Informationsbibliothek in Guangzhou (China), affiliated to the Goethe-Insitut becomes the ‘Deutsches Informations Bibliothek Pjöngjang (North-Korea)’. This intervention is an imaginary transformation of the current geography of the existing library. Under this umbrella a set of cultural activities is offered to the audience, just as a Goethe-Institut operates. This time, it includes a reflection on the library itself and the historical context of the reading room and looking into the possible parallel histories between the two Koreas and the former divided Germany.


© Foto: Cortesía 1a Bienal de Asia &
5a Trienal de Guangzhou,
Museo de Arte de Guangdong

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