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documenta 14 - Publicaciones

Daybook y Reader

documenta 14 está acompañada por dos libros, publicados en inglés y alemán por Prestel Verlag, grupo editorial Random House GmbH, Munich, Alemania.

Aquí el anuncio de la editorial Prestel:

Quinn Latimer & Adam Szymczyk (ed.)
documenta 14 - Daybook

The documenta 14 guide will take the form of a daybook, emphasizing the 163 calendar days of the exhibitions in Athens and Kassel—a first-time extension of the usual 100-day project of past documenta—and the personal and subjective nature of the spectator’s relationship to them. Each documenta 14 artist will be granted a day in this daybook, which will be accompanied by a newly commissioned text on that artist’s practice, as well as an image of artwork commissioned by the artist specifically for the publication. The critical texts will be authored by a wide variety of practitioners—critics, curators, novelists, historians, and poets—and the images will be singular and created by the artists especially for the daybook itself.

€ 35,00 [G] incl. VAT
€ 36,00 [A]
CHF 45,50 (recommended price)
Bound book
ISBN: 978-3-7913-5655-6
Prestel website


Quinn Latimer & Adam Szymczyk (ed.)
documenta 14 - Reader

The main catalogue of documenta 14 will take the form of a reader, evoking the various meanings associated with the term. The documenta 14 reader will both reflect the reading subject and the subject who reads or recites to an audience—emphasizing the importance of literature, orality, performance, pedagogy, and radical reception for the documenta 14 project overall—as well as comprise a critical anthology that features international theoretical, historical, and literary writing that explores and expands on the attendant exhibitions in Athens and Kassel.

ca. € 25,00 [D] incl. VAT
ca. € 25,70 [A]
ca. CHF 33,90 (recommended price)
ISBN: 978-3-7913-5656-3
Prestel website

documenta 14

Atenas, Grecia
8 abril - 16 julio 2017

Kassel, Alemania
10 junio - 17 septiembre 2017

Director Artístico: Adam Szymczyk

Equipo de curadores, asesores, asistentes

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