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Officina dell’Arte Spirituale
Abadía de San Giorgio Maggiore
Isla de San Giorgio, Venice.
Real Venice

Portfolios relacionados con Venecia de 14 fotógrafos para reunir fondos para la ciudad.

4 junio - 30 septiembre 2011


Lynne Cohen
* 1944 Racine, USA. Vive en Montreal, Canadá.
Philip-Lorca diCorcia
* 1951 Hartford, EEUU, Vive en Nueva York, EEUU.
Antonio Girbés
* 1952 Tavernes de la Valldigna, España. Vive en Valencia, España.
Nan Goldin
* 1953 Washington, D.C.,EEUU. Vive en Nueva York, EEUU y Paris, Francia.
Pierre Gonnord
* 1963 Cholet, Francia. Vive en Madrid, España.
Dionisio González
* 1965 Gijon, España. Vive en Sevilla, España.
Candida Höfer
* 1944 Eberswalde, Alemania. Vive en Colonia, Alemania.
Tiina Itkonen
* 1968 Helsinki, Finlandia; vive allí.
Mimmo Jodice
* 1934 Naples, Italy; vive allí.
Tim Parchikov
* 1983 Moscow, Russia. Vive allí y en Paris, Francia.
Matthias Schaller
* 1965 Dillingen, Alemania. Vive en Venecia, Italia y Nueva York, EEUU.
Jules Spinatsch
* 1964 Davos, Suiza. Vive en Zurich, Suiza y Viena, Austria.
Hiroshi Watanabe
* Sapporo, Japóan. Vive en California, EEUU.
Robert Walker
* 1945 Montreal, Canadá; vive allí.
Elena Ochoa Foster
Venice in Peril
and Ivorypress
Introduccción de Anna Somers Cocks
Presidenta, Venice in Peril
Venice is most definitely in peril. Just look at where the water is now. In many places it is at, or above, the line where the water-resistant stone bases of the buildings join with the porous brickwork. This has never been the case in previous centuries. This is why those who say that Venice will go on surviving because it has already survived so long are tragically mistaken. The charity Venice in Peril has been working for over 40 years to protect Venice from decay, to make reliable information known about the threats to the city, whether from the water, tourism, or over-exploitation, and to lobby for its protection.

Venice in Peril, in collaboration with Ivorypress and generous backers, has launched a major art initiative to raise funds for Venice. Fourteen artists using the medium of photography have been selected to visit the city and with absolute freedom make a portfolio of images. They have all donated an edition of their portfolios to Venice in Peril. Choosing from these images, the Ivorypress team, led by Elena Foster, have been the curators of the exhibition Real Venice,and have produced a publication with the same title as part of C Photo Project. After the exhibition closes on 30th September 2011, the photographs will travel to London, where they will be exhibited and then auctioned with the help of Phillips de Pury on 3rd November 2011. All profits go to Venice in Peril.

The exhibition will also travel the world. The tour is organised by the International Enterprises department of the Barbican Centre in London.

The aim of this exhibition has been to encourage good art about Venice to be made, but Venice in Peril will only consider the exhibition a real success if you also take away with you the message that, without good science, wise decision-making and a long term, well planned budget (the last two are conspicuously lacking), Venice has no future. Real Venice is a necessary initiative that harnesses the creativity, the vigour, the internationalism - and the financial power - of contemporary art to saving Venice, an ancient, exquisite city where art has always been of the essence.

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