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1ª Bienal de Gwangju, 1995

Beyond Borders

The first Gwangju Biennale featured 660 artists from 58 countries, exhibiting over 817 artworks (with 92 artists in the main exhibition and 249 in the special exhibition) and was developed by Artistic Director Yongwoo Lee.

Its theme "Beyond the Borders" conveyed a message of global citizenship that transcended divisions between ideologies, territories, religion, race, culture, humanity, and the arts. The biennale, which hosted over 1.6 million visitors, intended to establish new orders and relationships between the arts and mankind.

The exhibition was composed of six regionally focused sections created in collaboration with area curators:

West Europe and East Europe:
Jean de Loisy (France) and Anda Rottenburg (Poland)

North America:
Kathy Halbreich (USA) / South America: Wan-kyung Sung (South Korea)

Kwang-su Oh (South Korea)

The Middle East and Africa:
Clive Adams (Great Britain)

Korea and Oceania:
Hong-joon Yu (South Korea)


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1ª Bienal de Gwangju
Beyond Borders

20 septiembre - 20 noviembre 1995

Dirección artística:
Yongwoo Lee


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