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Amman Design Week 2019: Posibilidades

4 - 12 octubre 2019
Amán, Jordania

Directora: Rana Beiruti‭
‬‬‬‬‬‬ADW equipo, asesores

Curadora Exposición Central: Noura Al Sayeh-Holtrop

Amman Design Week es una experiencia de inmersión bienal en el diseño y la cultura local y regional, centrada en la creación de un foro para el aprendizaje, el intercambio y la colaboración. Esta plataforma incentiva a los diseñadores a través de su programa integral de exposiciones curadas a gran escala, programas para estudiantes y la comunidad, talleres, charlas, concursos y eventos culturales‭.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

El futuro es factible, ¿cuáles son las posibilidades?

Bajo el lema Possibilities, Amman Design Week 2019 aborda el diseño como un catalizador para soñar; el acto de imaginar lo que puede ser diferente de la forma en que es hoy y cómo encarar estos cambios. "Possibilities" es una celebración de lo ficticio, de lo incompleto y sin resolver. Invita a la creación de escenarios y narraciones por parte de los creadores y hacedores.


It may appear futile in the context of our current time and place to shift the focus of design from one that is preoccupied with the many urgent social and economic challenges to one that allows us to dream of new possibilities – or maybe it is specifically in this moment that it is the most relevant.

Shifting our reading of the everyday and the vernacular, the abandoned and the unused, the problematic and the unnecessary, allows our views on design to transcend from a performative and problem-based viewpoint to one that uses the existing as a toolbox for creation.


Fotos de las exposiciones

The 2019 edition aspires to be bigger and more inclusive than ever, expanding into Jordan’s capital city, Amman, and engaging multiple “districts” in its programming. The Ras El Ain district will come alive once again with the 2019 Hangar Exhibition, ADW's largest exhibition, curated this year by Noura Al-Sayeh Holtrop (see the biography), who has brought in a more regional dimension to the show. The district will also feature the Student Exhibition, showcasing work by students from 14 highschools and universities around the country. Another new feature this year is a themed showcase, under the title of Future Food / Future City, focused on the possibilities of converting public spaces into havens for food production, as well as offering discussions around urban agriculture and greening our cities. The program also includes food, cultural events, family activities, workshops, and talks at the Hussein Cultural Center plaza.

Also under the 2019 theme, Amman Design Week 2019 examines the possibilities of the past by undertaking programs in the neighborhoods of Jabal Amman and Jabal Al Lweibdeh. Significant for its heritage buildings, historical schools, and for the commercial Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman has become a hub for arts and culture with its multiple galleries on all corners of the district; Design Institute Amman, Wadi Finan Gallery, Nabad Gallery, the Mohammad and Mahera Abughazaleh Foundation (MMAG), Jacaranda, and many more.

Jabal Amman will play host to a series of exhibitions and programs at these institutions, as well as the Crafts District exhibitions at the Kabariti Village, a private property of old residential buildings, and gardens located off of Omar Bin Al Khattab Street and built in the 1930s. Further exhibitions at Kabariti, such as Material Innovation, and Jordan Script Routes approach sustainable and alternative materials, writing systems and alphabets, and craftsmanship.

Finally, Jabal Al Weibdeh’s programs include exhibitions at Darat al Funun, Dar al-Anda, and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, as well as some other locations around the neighborhood, known for its sidewalk cafes and arts institutions. Working with several institutions, Amman Design Week will also publish a series of trails and programmed tours around Jabal Amman and Jabal Al Lweibdeh, looking at these historical sites and heritage homes.

Complete and updated program 2019

(From press information of ADW)

ADW Equipo, Asesores, Contacto

Amman Design Week team:
‬‬‬‬Rana Beiruti - Director
‬‬‬‬Walid Jankhut - Deputy Director
‬‬‬‬Muna Al Fayez - Exhibitions & Programs
‬‬‬‬Hala Haddadin - Design Coordinator
‬‬‬‬Yara Hindawi - Communications & Marketing
‬‬‬‬Ahmad Zatari - PR & Media
‬‬‬‬Rasha Tabbalat - Graphic Design
‬‬‬‬Machiel Van Nieuwenhove - Production

Greater Amman Municipality:
Lubna Huneiti - Project Director - Greater Amman Municipality

Noura Al Sayeh-Holtrop - Curator of the Hangar Exhibition
‬‬‬‬Arini (Liyan Jabi, Sara Yaseen, Mohammad Jabi, Heba Najada, and Jafar Jabi) - Curators of the Crafts District
‬‬‬‬Huda Schmitshuijzen AbiFarès - Curator of Jordan Script Routes

Graphics and Web:
Mothanna Hussein and Saeed Abujaber (Turbo)
‬‬‬‬Bassam Barham

2018/2019 Advisory Circle:
ADW's panel of advisors is made up of individuals who have always been part of Amman Design Week, and supportive in its development from its first beginnings‭: ‬Abeer Seikaly, Ammar Khammash, Lara Zureikat, Lina Asfour Kanafani, Dr. Mohammad Al Asad, Nora Akawi, Sahel Al Hiyari‬

Amman Design Week
27 Muath bin Jabal St., Jabal Amman
Amman, Jordania
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