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Part 2: Palazzo Mangilli-Valmarana

Abbazia di San Gregorio
Dorsoduro 172
30123 Venice
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Palazzo Mangilli-Valmarana
Cannaregio 4392
30121 Venice
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Future Pass - From Asia to the World

4 June - 6 November 2011

Over 100 artists, both Asian and non-, offer a kaleidoscopic panorama of a new aesthetic paradigm currently proliferating from Asia to the rest of the world. Crossing genres and disciplines as they appropriate the digital culture of the 21st century, artists working in this eclectic new aesthetic are generating new types of relationships to the globalizing world, offering us all a possible Pass to the Future.


Victoria Lu
Renzo di Renzo
Felix Schöber

For more information about
this exhibition, please see:
>> 1st part: Abbazia di San Gregorio
Including the complete lists of artists by venue

Organizing institutions:

UNEEC Culture and Education Foundation (Taipei)

Today Art Museum (Beijing)

Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam)

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung)

in collaboration with
Fondazione Claudio Buziol (Venice)


Special Features

Special features of pavilions and exhibitions, 54th International Art Exhibition, 4 June - 27 November 2011.

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