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Fondazione Gervasuti
Fondamenta S. Anna
(Via Garibaldi)
Castello 995
Wounded Water
Six Iraqi artists interpret the theme of water
4 June - 27 November 2011
Opening: 2 June, 7 pm - 9 pm
>> Photo documentation
of the exhibition, including explanations about the artworks. In: Nafas Art Magazine

Adel Abidin
* 1973 Baghdad, Iraq. Lives in Helsinki, Finland.
more info & photos
Ahmed Alsoudani
* 1975 Baghdad, Iraq. Lives in Berlin, Germany.
more info & photos
Ali Assaf
* 1959 Al Basrah, Iraq. Lives in Rome, Italy.
more info & photos
Halim Al Karim
* 1963 Najaf, Iraq. Lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.
more info & photos
Azad Nanakeli
* 1950 Arbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. Lives in Florence, Italy.
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Walid Siti
* 1954 Duhok, Kurdistan, Iraq. Lives in London, United Kingdom.
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Curator: Mary Angela Schroth

Commissioner: Ali Assaf

Co-commissioner: Vittorio Urbani

Organizers: Nouva Icona and Sala 1
In collaboration with: Embassy of Iraq in Italy, Iraq UN Representation in Rome, Iraq Ministry of Culture, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, MerchantBridge Bank and the Iraq Pavilion Patrons Committee.
The Pavilion of Iraq will feature six internationally-known contemporary Iraqi artists who are emblematic in their individual experimental artistic research, a result of both living inside and outside their country. These artists, studying at the Fine Arts Academy in Baghdad, completed their arts studies in Europe and USA. They represent two generations: one, born in the early 1950’s, has experienced both the political instability and the cultural richness of that period in Iraq. Ali Assaf, Azad Nanakeli and Walid Siti came of age in the 1970’s during the period of the creation of political socialism that marked their background. The second generation, to include Adel Abidin, Ahmed Alsoudani and Halim Al Karim, grew up during the drama of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), the invasion of Kuwait, overwhelming UN economic sanctions and subsequent artistic isolation. This generation of artists exited the country before the 2003 invasion, finding refuge in Europe and USA by sheer fortune coupled with the artistic virtue of their work. All six artists thus have identities indubitably forged with contemporary artistic practice that unites the global situation with the Iraqi experience and they represent a sophisticated and experimental approach that is completely international in scope.

The six artists will execute works on site that are inspired by both the Gervasuti Foundation spaces and the thematic choice of water. This is a timely interpretation since the lack of water is a primary source of emergency in Iraq, more than civil war and terrorism. A special video section will feature artists living and working in Iraq today, curated by Rijin Sahakian.

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