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National Pavilion
Giardini di Castello
Mundos en proceso
(Worlds in Process)
Proposes a reinterpretation of the artistic production, understood as a strategy of expressive construction of reality in continuous development. Takes as references the acclaimed Venzuelan artists Claudio Perna, Antonieta Sosa and Alejandro Otero, as well as some representatives of the universal modernity.

Daniel Medina: Nuevos mapas sociales
(New social maps)
Based on the artistic legacy of Claudio Perna, conceptual art pioneer in Venezuela.
With the participation of the anthropologists Gabriela Croes (Venezuela) and Antonio Pérez (Spain).
Bernardita Rakos: Cartografías de la intimidad
(Cartographies of intimacy)
Dialogue with the artistic work of Antonieta Sosa, precursor in developing the approach of creation as process, the inclusion of the body and the personal biography in the artwork's realization.
Magdalena Fernández: Nueva naturaleza
(New nature)
A revision of modernity's legacy - particularly the issues related to geometric abstraction - through representatives such as Alejandro Otero, Mondrian and Malevich.
Colectivo Todos somos creadores
The group, formed by activists and art communicators, will unfold a participative event, where Biennial visitors will construct their own cartographies.
Information from the website of the Foundation of National Museums, translated from Spanish by Binder & Haupt

Commissioner: Jacqueline Rousset
Executive Director, Foundation of National Museums
Delegate Commissioner: María Luz Cárdenas
General Director, Caracas Fine Arts Museum
Ministry of Popular Power for Culture through the Foundation of National Museums

Exhibitions, pavilions

24 exhibitions and pavilions, focused mainly on Asia and Latin America.

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