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Artiglierie at the Arsenale

Iván Navarro
* 1972 Santiago de Chile. Lives in New York, USA.
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Antonio Arévalo
* 1958. Poet, consultant and curator, based in Rome, Italy.
Justo Pastor Mellado
* 1949. Independent art critic and curator, based in Santiago de Chile.
Iván Navarro, educated in Chile and currently living and working in New York, is one of the most interesting Chilean contemporary artists on the international scene. He produces complex light sculptures, developing the concept of energy conversion through objects and specific installations made of objects of daily use, linking them to a precise critique of power (Antonio Arévalo).

4 June, 11 am, book presentation:

Copying Eden. Recent Art in Chile
Participants: Gerardo Mosquera (Editor of the book), Iván Navarro, Alfredo Jaar, Gabi Scardi.
Venue: Second floor of the Bookshop Electa-Mondadori, Corderie dell'Arsenale

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