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1. Daniël Dewaele
2. Tadashi Kawamata
3. HeHe
4. Arentshuis
5. Song Dong
6. De Bond

The first part of our tour, visiting the art projects in the public space and exhibitions of the Triennale Bruges 2015, goes from the station via the Béguinage, Old St. John's Hospital, Arentshuis Museum, Saint Saviour's Cathedral, to De Bond cultural center. The overall distance is aprox. 4 km.

Art projects and exhibitions in this part of the tour:

1. Train Station: Daniël Dewaele
In his Passage Room, a sea container in front of the station, visitors can communicate their wishes if they were to choose Bruges as their future home. In the station's main hall, one can watch a video where visitors tell what they would miss if they would decide to settle in Bruges.

2. Begijnhof: Tadashi Kawamata
Tree Huts in Bruges is a site specific installation in the courtyard gardens of the World Heritage Béguinage. In an organic process in which the work grew almost naturally, Kawamata built his wooden huts without nails, screws, or any technique that could hurt the trees where they are suspended.

3. Site Oud Sint-Jan: HeHe
The artwork Undercurrent of the artist duo HeHe (Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen) is a high voltage mast that seems to have fallen into the water near the old Saint John's Hospital. Producing sounds and light flashes, it dangerously appears to be under electrical current.

4. Arentshuis: Stanza & The Visionary City
In the entrance of the Arentshuis Museum, the British artist Stanza displays his work Body 01000010 011011110110010001111001, made from LEDs, motors, cables and specially designed electronics.
In the halls of the main floor, the exhibition The Visionary City relates the visions of the Belgian modernist Huib Hoste (1881-1957) with metaphors of urban development by the German Oswald Mathias Ungers (1926-2007).

5. Saint Saviour's Cathedral: Song Dong
The sculpture WU WEI ER WEI (Doing Nothing Doing) installed in front of the cathedral, is made from windows of demolished Chinese buildings, from districts that were flattened to build modern towers, during the unstoppable growth of Chinese megapolis.

6. De Bond Cultural Centre: Unfinished Cities
The exhibition is focused on cities in a state of perpetual motion, mainly in the Middle and Far East (but not exclusively) where cities constantly change as a result of urban development or speculation, as a result of destruction during conflicts and reconstruction once they cease.
In the next weeks, we will publish detailed features on every art project and exhibition, including more photos and information, as well as video clips.

Visual Tour

Visual tour, visiting the the art projects in the public space and exhibitions of the Triennale Brugge 2015 within the context of the historical city. 20 May - 18 October 2015.

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