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16. Atelier Bow-Wow
17. Nicolas Grenier
18. Romy Achituv
19. URB EGG-café
20. Anne K. Senstad

In the last part of our visual tour, we walk from the Canal Swimmer's Club by Atelier Bow-Wow at the Carmers bridge all along the Potterierei to the north. After visiting the Heilige Maagd Mariakerk (Holy Virgin Maria Church) at the huge complex of the Grootseminarie (Major Seminary), we continue to a basin close to Sasplein street near the Dampoort (Dam Gate). The last venue at the very northern end of the "egg" of Bruges, is the area of the old warehouses (Pakhuizen) at the industrial site of DuPont. The distance of this walk is aprox. 1,5 km.

Art projects in this tour:

16. Carmersbrug: Atelier Bow-Wow
The architects have designed a multifunctional floating platform in front and underneath the Carmers Bridge expanding the public space of Bruges. The Canal Swimmer's Club, besides of being used as starting and finishing point for swimming or rowing competitions, is a venue for lectures, exhibitions and recreation, and a refuge where Bruges' residents and tourists can meet, rest, and relax.

17. Heilige Maagd Mariakerk: Nicolas Grenier
In the unused church Heilige Maagd Mariakerk of the Grootseminarie (Major Seminary), Grenier
displays his Vertically Integrated Socialism, an experimental housing concept that integrates the social pyramid in a single building. A sample studio appartement, a model of the entire building, and a video introduces the visitor to the way the social integration model works.

18. Sasplein: Romy Achituv
In a basin close to Sasplein street near the Dampoort (Dam Gate), a wooden recontruction of a typical Bruges Gothic brick house calmly floats on the water of the canals when a storm suddenly breaks out, stirring the water up into churning rapids. Cataract Gorge poses questions about preservation and its mobilizing/immobilizing effect on cultural and social development.

19. URB EGG-café
A pop-up bar and café in three converted shipping containers with a wooden deck facing the water.

20. Pakhuizen: Anne Katrine Senstad
The artist has installed a word sculpture on the historic building of the Pakhuizen (Warehouses). Like an advertising slogan that makes God and Gold one and the same higher force, Gold Guides Me is a play on words with a financial and religious connotation.

Visual Tour

Visual tour, visiting the the art projects in the public space and exhibitions of the Triennale Brugge 2015 within the context of the historical city. 20 May - 18 October 2015.

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