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Daniël Dewaele

Three projects: Passage Room, a sea container in front of the station, converted into an immigration office; About Bruges and Other Places, a video presented in the station; Help Buttons.

Tadashi Kawamata

The artist has suspended a series of tree huts in the trees of the lovely inner gardens of the Bruges Beguinage which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A high voltage mast fallen into the water of the canal at the old Saint John's Hospital. Producing sounds and light flashes, it dangerously appears to be under electrical current.

Song Dong

A sculpture made from windows of demolished Chinese buildings, from districts that were flattened to build modern towers. Located in front of the Saint Saviour's Cathedral.

Vibeke Jensen

An architectural installation at the Markt, that is at the same time a large telescope to observe the Belfry and the people outside. Multifaceted mirror-walled exterior like a diamond.

Nathan Coley

Two word sculptures: at the courtyard of the Stadshallen and Belfry, and at the Burg, the geographical and metaphorical centre of the city, opposite the City Hall.

Rainer Ganahl

Chocolate sculpture "Uber Capitalism" at the Burg square, a replica of the Huis ter Beurze, from which the term "bourse" is derived - the first ever stock exchange in the 13th century.

Studio Mumbai

The bridge by the canal Groenerei does not lead anywhere. It is an intermediate space, a halfway house, a place for reflection and contemplation, but also a place to sleep, eat and meet.


Three Songlines through Bruges: Water, Park, Night. Earmarks and acoustic platform at several public sites. Sounding Bruges - a collaboration with carillonneur Frank Deleu.

Vermeir & Heiremans

Multiple screen video installation about the ART HOUSE INDEX (AHI–), created by the artists to transform their home-as-an-artwork into a financial tool.

Atelier Bow-Wow

Canal Swimmer's Club: A multifunctional floating platform in front and underneath the Carmers Bridge, designed by the architects as a venue for a variety of recreational activities.

Nicolas Grenier

An experimental housing concept that integrates the social pyramid in a single building, presented in an unused church. A sample studio appartement, a model of the building, and a video.

Romy Achituv

A wooden model of a typical Bruges Gothic brick house is floating on a canal basin and rides turbulent waters when an artificial storm breaks out.

Anne Katrine Senstad

Word sculpture "Gold Guides Me" on the historic building of the Pakhuizen (warehouses), at an industrial area at the very North of Bruges' "egg".

Triennale Brugge 2015

Bruges Contemporary Art
and Architecture Triennial

20 May - 18 October 2015
Bruges, Belgium

See also the visual tours:
- Fast overview
- Three exhibitions

Till-Holger Borchert, Michel Dewilde

- Public space: 14 participants
- Indoor: 16 artists and architects

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