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Olaf Wegewitz: ASLSP live stones

A pictorial interpretation of John Cage's score "As SLow aS Possible", created by means of random operations.

Cage Haus, Halberstadt, Germany

Ongoing since 5 February 2022

Olaf Wegewitz - biography

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Explorations beyond the intentional

ASLSP live stones

for John Cage

Beginning to describe one's actions leads straight to wresting meaning from them. I am fascinated by John Cage's idea of trying to achieve a creative decision independent of subjectivity ̶ thus, beyond the intentional, to act artistically through so-called random operations.

The score ORGAN²/ASLSP by John Cage becomes the object of my attention. The score rests in front of me, rows, lines and in between, the locations of the notes on A4 sheets. The thought occurs to me to sequence the score by means of a random operation. For this I use three dice with a maximum of 18 points. The number of points rolled determines the size of the sections of the score to be transferred. On a handmade paper, these sequences determine the image composition. I go out and enjoy the walk to the quarry. Why should the collected stones, that is, their direct imprints on the paper, each stand for one note of the score? Original as each produced tone always a different stone. Metaphor for the duration of ORGAN²/ASLSP by John Cage in Halberstadt.

The stones fall to me as I climb the heaps. Can coincidence replace intentionality? It seems that I will not succeed in avoiding intention as long as I proceed actively. While preparing salad, the thought arises that everything living on this planet depends on the color green. But the stones? Maybe that's why I want to embed them in a green mood - like the sound envelops the tone.

Processed on both sides, the handmade paper becomes a sculptural body. 232 times diced, 232 drawings created, to each drawing belong the imprinted stones. As slow as possible live stones.

Olaf Wegewitz, 2021
(© Translation from German: Binder & Haupt, Universes in Universe)

Address, contact:

John-Cage-Orgel-Stiftung Halberstadt
Am Kloster 1
Cage Haus
D-38820 Halberstadt
Tel: +49(0)3941 621620
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© Text: Olaf Wegewitz
© English translation, photos: Binder & Haupt, Universes in Universe

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